Measuring Guide

How To Measure Children’s Feet At Home

We would advise that you measure your child’s feet later in the day as the foot expands throughout the day and ensure your little one is wearing socks, since they are most likely going to be wearing socks when they wear their shoes.

Usually, kids will go up one size at a time, so look at their last size, brands do make a difference so if you are getting different sizes feel free to contact us!

·      Measure from the middle of the heel to the end of the longest toe on each foot and make a note of the measurement in centimetres.

·      Aim to add 1cm growing room onto your child’s foot measurement (minimum recommended 0.5cm – maximum recommended 1.5cm). For summer open toe sandals, aim for no more than 1cm.

 Once you have the measurements use the below shoe size chart to determine your shoe size. 

If your measurement is between two values in the chart we recommend that you round-up to the closest value.